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Tariq Aslam

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Tariq Aslam

Age Related Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Eye Disease, Central Serous Chorioretinopathy,
Retinal Vein Occlusion, Retinal Vein Occlusions
Manchester Royal Eye Hospital



Professor Tariq Aslam is Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Manchester and Honorary Consultant Ophthalmologist at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital. He is Professor of Visual Science and Interface Technologies at Heriot Watt University.



He completed a prestigious fellowship at Moorfields Eye Hospital in Medical Retina and specialises in treatment of Medical Retina disease. He has a doctorate (DM) from Oxford University and he most recently gained a further prize–winning PhD from Heriot Watt University.



He is currently the research network lead for Ophthalmology in Greater Manchester and has over 60 peer reviewed publications, predominantly as lead author and is an investigator on grants over the last 3 years in Manchester totalling around a million pounds as well as having involvement in major industry studies.


Further Information

He is director of the Manchester Investigative Ophthalmology and Vision Science MSc course, editor of Eye News and Associate Editor of Acta Ophthalmologica and BMC research notes.
His key interest is in applying the most valid and up to date research findings to his clinical practice to ensure his patients get the best possible care available for their retinal disease.


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