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Eye Squint (Strabismus)

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My optician says I have a squint. What is it?

Squint is a condition when the eyes do not seem to be looking in the same direction. People call it different names ‘turn in the eye’, ‘glide in the eye’, ‘lazy eye’ or ‘cock eyes’.


Should I be concerned if I or my child has a squint?

Squint in a child prevents the sight developing in the squinting eye leading to a permanent weak eye unless treated early. The child may also be bullied in school because of the appearance of the eyes.

Squint in an adult may cause double vision or blurred vision for specific activities like reading or driving. However, majority of the adults with squint do not suffer such symptoms. On the other hand, the squint affects eye to eye contact resulting in confusion as to who the person is talking to. This can cause loss of esteem, confidence, and limit professional and social interactions.


How can the squint be treated?

First a thorough examination is needed to look for any cause for the squint, the extent of the squint and the effect it has on sight and life. Children usually need a period of observation and some treatment like glasses and patching before any operation can be carried out. Adults can have surgery usually after one assessment.

The squint operation is carried under full anaesthetic. All patients go home on the same day of the surgery. The effect of the operation in straightening the eyes is visible by the next day. There is no need to take time off from work as there is no pain or patching involved.


Will the squint recur?

Not usually. Your consultant will have the  expertise required for careful planning and doing the right amount of operation t operation prevent recurrence.  Adjustable stitches to get the right outcome.


What if I do not want an operation?

Your consultant will have expertise in treating such patients with botox injections. But treatment with botox is not permanent and needs to be repeated.


How do I make an appointment?

Your Consultant’s secretary will be able to assist you with availability and costs for your chosen consultant. You can find their contact details by clicking on the link below or visiting the Consultants section.






For further information or to book a consultation contact:

Mandagere Vishwanath

Bhamy Hariprasad Shenoy

Sus Biswas (peadatrics)

Ali Yagan

Vinod Sharma

Revelle Littlewood

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